Reed W. Solomon

Petaluma, California, United States
Sonoma State University

I like to know things. Thinker and a doer. Competitive.

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  1. Experience

    Brayton Purcell, LLP
    Investigative Researcher
    August 2010 - September 2013 | Novato, CA

    • Updated massive databases with complex parameters, resulting in organized and easily accessible evidence being available to attorneys and staff.
    • Conducted research as to the whereabouts of thousands of job sites, using various research tools such as Lexis Nexis and Secretary of State Business Search to gather data from sources both within and outside the firm.
    • Reviewed thousands of documents, including legal paperwork, deposition and trial transcripts, corporate records, technical specifications, military records from the National Archives, news publications, and others.
    • Conducted off-site research, both independently and as part of a team, at libraries to identify and gather records and documents.
    • Used working knowledge of basic legal terms to assign complex names to documents, categorize them logically, and make them easily accessible to attorneys.
    • Was trusted with the authority to add, modify, move, or even delete resources from the firm's enormous "Exhibit C" virtual storehouse.
    • Routinely performed tasks under deadlines; prioritized essential tasks to ensure timely completion.
    • Demonstrated the ability to work without supervision and solve problems independently.
    • Worked with and became proficient using older software such as WordPerfect, Novell Groupwise, and multiple in-house FoxPro applications.
    • Demonstrated exemplary communication skills. Summaries and correspondence written by me were passed on unedited to attorneys and staff at the firm, contrary to standard practice of these being reproduced by a supervisor.

  2. Education

    Sonoma State University
    Bachelor of Arts, Economics
    2008 - 2013