CRV for Kids - Raising funds for schools by recycling

Starting with Dunham Elementary, I would like to initiate a recycling program to raise funds for the school, where a 100% of the profit will go towards the school.

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My Vision

I would like to see a simple and effective CRV recycling initiative implemented by schools, to raise funds for their programs that lack funding.

Here is how it will work

  1. We approach the principal and the Parent Teacher Association with our proposal so they may allow us to set up a "CRV for Kids" program.
  2. We find a concerned recycling business to pay full price for the recyclables to help raise funds for the schools.
  3. We start a friendly weekly competition between the classrooms or grade levels, throwing a "popsicles & pizzas party" for the group that turns in the most recyclables.
  4. We find an involved parent to collect the recyclables on Mondays before school session starts. The parent would collect from each competing group and turn the goods in to the partnered recycling organization.
  5. We reward and educate the children for a job well done.
  6. The school receives a small, but steady and encouraging, source of funding.

SOURCE: http://www.tri-ced.org/uploads/CRVONLY.JPG

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