Independent Starting Battery for Cars

With all of the gadgets and improved technology becoming available for cars, why not implement technology to prevent a starting failure due to dead battery.

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Dead Batteries

A dead car battery can occur from multiple factors; whether you need to use a light to search for an item, you want to listen to your radio with the engine off, or you simply forgot to turn off your headlights on a foggy day. 

What can be done 

Auto makers can implement an independent starting battery, allowing for one battery that would only power the initial start-up of the vehicle and the other battery to power the rest of the electrical functions. This would prevent accidental depletion of charge and thus ensure that the vehicle can start even if the main battery has been drained from lights/radio/ect...

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Factors to consider

While a separate starting battery can prevent starting failures from lack of charge, some problems may be present with such an implementation. Starting and and stopping the vehicle many times without adequate time to recharge the battery would still result in a dead battery. A separate battery would also cost engine space and would need to be easy to charge or replace in case  of depletion/failure.

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Zachary Adam Zell 9 years ago

Great Ivia!
You should consider adding an informative video such as - 

Also I think using a smaller solar panel on the roof of the vehicle would allow the vehicle to charge as it is off.

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