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We at ImproveVia are attempting to pioneer the ultimate platform to improve anything by giving people from all backgrounds a tool to pioneer, connect, contribute, and create. This Ivia will explain our "Create Ivia" tool that we provide to you the pioneers.

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The Idea

Improvement all starts with a thought, it could come from a pondering moment, a critique of a current situation, or a collaborative discussion.

If ImproveVia is successful and being used by people all around the world, from different backgrounds and with diverse skills and knowledge, the possibility for positive impact to be brought to the world is awesome.

Anything in the world can be improved upon - that is the way of things, and everyone in the world has some means to contribute.

What is an Ivia?

An "Ivia"  is an idea and the means through which it is actualized. This is the collaborative content that is seen on ImproveVia. 


Simple, really, because there is nothing in the world that cannot be improved upon. So when you have an idea, share it and make the world just a little better each time.


Click the Menu button in the top left corner.

Then click the Create Ivia button which is inside the menu.

Now make your Ivia


Start by uploading your Main Image.

This is what captures the imagination of others, so either upload or share a great image to compliment your Ivia.


Next you will need to enter your main title of the Ivia, and a summary of your Ivia.

The main image, title, and summary are necessary for others to eventually see you Ivia.


Now to the important part: We took the WYSIWYG tool Redactor, by imperavi and modified it to allow you the pioneer, to easily create Ivias that will look great on any device. 

Its simple just click inside and type.

Write, format, add images, links, video, and more all with this tool.


Now choose which primary category your Ivia will fall under.

The categories allows for other pioneers to easily find your Ivia.


Add tags to make your Ivia even easier to find.

Like hashtags without the # symbol, and more useful.


To finish up just save...

Not finished yet!


And publish.

Congrats! You are improving something.

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Zachary Adam Zell
Petaluma, California, United States
Founder and CEO at ImproveVia
Sonoma State University

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