Edible Wrapper for Butter Sticks

Wrap butter sticks in rice paper or a similar extremely thin, edible cover. When cooking, throw the entire stick in! No butter stuck to the paper, no paper to recycle.

by Cameron Tinsler on February 1st, 2015, 2:08 pm PST. This Ivia has been viewed 8,543 times.

Seems silly, hear me out.  Imagine baking or cooking a dish that calls for a lot of butter.  Maybe you're making dinner for a dozen, or a huge batch of cookies for a bake sale.  The recipe calls for six sticks of butter.  That's six sticks to unwrap.  If you're lucky, the sticks that come right out.  If not, grab a spatula and start scraping the butter from the wrapper.  Then recycle or toss out the wrappers.  

How convenient would it be to be able to toss the sticks straight in?  No mess, no scraping, no waste.  Rice paper or a similar thin, edible wrapper might do the trick.

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Donna Zell 7 years ago


Donna Zell 9 years ago

This is a great idea and I think it would work just fine for most savory recipes.  Scraping the butter off of the wrapper is a big pain for sure!  My first thought however, as a baker, would be when using butter wrapped in rice paper for baking.  As you may or may not know, baking is a science and different ingredients used interact with each other to make a cake rise or give it a certain texture or flavor.  Flour provides structure, eggs bind, baking powder and soda give it airiness, fats tenderize, sugar adds sweetness and liquids provide moisture.  Especially for cakes, the ingredients used need to be measured precisely, mixed correctly and in a certain order, and then baked as directed in the recipe.  They can be very temperamental and fail even when you have done everything right and have made it many times before.   Butter is used a lot in making cakes as the fat ingredient.  My concern would be that the added starch from the rice paper, or whatever else the edible wrapper is made of, might affect the balance of the ingredients causing a cake to come out differently (possibly even fail) than it would without the addition of whatever the edible wrapper is made of.  For most cake recipes, which you only add a stick or two of butter, one or two wrappers would be a pretty small amount and may not affect it at all.  In something like Italian or Swiss Meringue butter cream frosting, one batch has six sticks of butter!  All those wrappers could possibly change the texture or how it tastes.  I would certainly want to test it out before baking an important cake, say for someones wedding.  Of course, you could always scrape away!  

Edited 9 years ago


Cameron Tinsler 9 years ago

That's a very good point, baking is a science.  Not sure if any substance out there would do the trick.