Google Glass Should be Utilized by The NFL

With the way the NFL is evolving as a game, it's camera work needs to be taken to the next level . I purpose the NFL utilizes the Google Glass technology, to enhance the way game is played, and watched.

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Google Glass and The NFL

Google Glass is trying to enter the market as a new innovative technology for the adventurous and sporty, what better way to do this than to partner with the NFL and helmet manufactures. This would give coaches, players, and fans a whole new way to study the game and much more.

How it Can be Done

  • Take the Camera, and Prism and integrate these parts into the helmets facemask/visor.
  • Take the battery and Speaker/CPU and into the helmet replacing the current audio component used in QB helmets.
  • The Microphone can possibly be removed.

SOURCE: http://www.bitrebels.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/google-glass-glasses-tech-infographic.jpg

The Possibilities

  • Fans could choose which players they would like to watch the game from, ("which could be a new service for the NFL to sell").
  • Players could see the route/play projected onto their visors presnap.
  • Kickers and Punters could see the wind paths.
  • Quarterbacks could audible plays much like in Madden, and rest of the team would be able to see the audible.
  • Homefield advantage could be nerfed by the lack of verbal communication with the HUD (head up display).
  • Coaches could better evaluate the reads of the players and make the necessary adjustments in practice.

Examples of Google Glass in Action on the Field

Here is an example of Google Glass being used in practice by New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman.

Here is another example, where the technology is being used by Yale Quarterback, senior Henry Furman, in practice.

Yale Football | Project Glass from Digital Surgeons on Vimeo.


The NFL needs to stay cutting edge with its broadcast, and Google could use product placement as a launching off point.

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