SF Giants need to trade for Troy Tulowitzki, because they're desperate enough - and because they can

The Giants are vying for first place in the NL West with the Bums, or, as others refer to them, the Dodgers. Troy Tulowitzki is playing like some sort of baseball demi-god and the Giants could sure use one of those right now.The Rockies need to rebuild, and removing the $134m remaining owed to Tulowitzki would be a step in the right direction.

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Giant Problems

The Giants have struggled throughout the season to fill the void in their team that has been second base. After trying four different players at the position, who have hit for a combined .186/.275/.296 batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage, they have scooped up former All-Star Dan Uggla. Uggla, for whom the Atlanta Braves were willing to eat $18.6 million to part ways, has been among the least productive starters in the Major Leagues over the past two years. I am not fond of the move, and according to Grant Brisbee of McCovey Chronicles, you should not be either.

He opined in this post that Uggla brings little to the table:

Uggla is not a good hitter. Over his last 682 plate appearances, he's hit .175/.295/.332. That's a .175 batting average and a .295 on-base percentage. For comparison, Brandon Hicks hit .162/.280/.319, and he was designated for assignment because of it.

Uggla is not a good fielder. At least Hicks kept turning sweet double plays when he dropped his bat in the latrine. Uggla is one of the clankiest fielders of his generation, by statistical and scouting measures alike. He was worth -2 wins with his glove alone last year.

Banking a Contender

The Dodgers have outspent the Giants this year on player salaries by a whopping $91 million, which by my reckoning is more than 13 other teams have spent on their entire roster. You can trust that I used a calculator on that one. So, if being outspent by a whole Kansas City Royals roster doesn't piss you off as a Giants fan, I don’t know what will. We certainly spend good money for our seats, and beer. The prices rank 6th in the Majors for Fan Cost Index.

The Giants’ revenue, as calculated by Forbes for 2014 is $316 million. I’m not saying they have to spend the same as the Dodgers, but I feel they could take on the contract of Tulo pretty safely. If not, they could pass around a hat at games and call it a “Beat the Bums Fund”.

Current Team Salary Obligations

1.Dodgers - $238,841,005

2.Yankees - $209,416,323

3.Phillies - $175,996,256

4.Tigers - $161,023,527

5.Red Sox - $154,512,396

6.Giants - $147,738,612

7.Rangers - $128,907,134

8.Blue Jays - $128,409,900

9.Angels - $127,062,000

10.Nationals - $125,615,337

11.Reds - $112,378,772

12.Diamondbacks - $108,073,833

13.Brewers - $107,512,839

14.Cardinals - $107,502,360

15.Braves - $107,373,674

16.Orioles - $101,334,943

17.Rockies - $92,379,071

18.Royals - $90,994,500

19.White Sox- $90,551,983

20.Mariners - $89,245,143

21.Twins - $86,465,000

22.Padres - $86,255,096

23.Mets - $82,234,386

24.Rays - $81,532,891

25.Indians - $81,150,800

26.Pirates - $77,666,333

27.Athletics - $74,765,900

28.Cubs - $73,546,357

29.Marlins - $46,440,400

30.Astros - $44,474,300

Source: ESPN

Kicking Rocks

“Worst Team in the NL” is a title that the Colorado Rockies currently hold. “Not-NL West-Champions, 21 Years Running” is another. They are bad, and it isn’t looking like they’ll be getting much better any time soon. This means only one thing – time to rebuild!

If they trade Tulo, and some of their other mainstays who are about 29 and older such as:

They could see the remaining $234.6 million left on the above contracts off the books, as well as an awesome return in prospects. The Rockies have an ample amount of young players waiting behind these previously mentioned mainstays who could make up a nice, and inexpensive, roster to compete in the long run.

It’s pretty clear that the Rockies are not going to compete for the NL West title in the next 1-3 years, while the Bums and Giants are peaking in age and talent. If they trade away the mainstays, and build up on young talent now, they would be best positioned for success after the 1-3 year Giants/Dodgers domination window.

Not Going Down With the Ship

According to Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post, the Rockies will not look to trade Tulowitzki. But hold on – there’s a catch:

"I would be stunned if it happened during the season. The offseason is another matter.

I really don’t think Monfort wants to trade Tulo, who remains the Rockies’ star attraction. However, if Tulo goes to Monfort and says he wants out, and if Tulo is willing to come off as the bad guy, as the disloyal employee, then it could happen.

The trouble is, the Rockies are going to demand a very sweet deal and I don’t see anything out there right now. Stay tuned."

Fortunately for the Giants, it does sound like Tulo would prefer to move on, as Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post reports:

“In Todd Helton, there’s someone who’s easy to look at his career here and how it played out.

I have the utmost respect for Todd, but at the same time, I don’t want to be the next in line as somebody who was here for a long time and didn’t have a chance to win every single year,” said Tulowitzki, reviewing the 17 years Helton spent as the face of a franchise that never won a division title. 

“He played in a couple postseason games and went to one World Series. But that’s not me. I want to be somewhere where there’s a chance to be in the playoffs every single year.”

With my proposed offer, I am of the thought that Monfort will find the very sweet deal he has been looking for, and as for Tulowitzki, the San Francisco Giants would be one of the teams most poised to give him a swing at a World Series Tittle.

Plus no more of this;

SOURCE: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BtgVh6KCYAAMkLq.jpg:large@nickgroke - #Rockies Tulo jersey giveaway day today! Notice anything wrong? #uniwatch

The Slugger’s Ransom

Also of note are the fine details of the contract that would be taken on by a team envisioning an investment in Tulowitzki.

$157.8m / 10 Years (2011 - 2020) + 1 Option Year

Other Notes: Contract replaces final three years of 6-year extension signed in 2008

No Trade: Limited - $2 million assignment bonus if traded; may be traded only once during contract

2011: $5.5m

2012: $8.2m

2013: $10m

2014: $16m

2015: $20m

2016: $20m

2017: $20m

2018: $20m

2019: $20m

2020: $14m

2021 Team Option: $15m ($4m buyout)

Incentives: Salaries for 2020 and 2021 may increase by $6 million annually based on MVP votes, Gold Gloves, Silver Sluggers or All-Star selections Award bonuses, including $25,000 for Gold Glove

Agent / Agency: Paul Cohen

Originally reported by: Keith Law, ESPN Insider - Hat tip: sports.espn.go.com

Submitted by entersandman to fangraphs

The Suggested Offer

I suggest that the San Francisco Giants offer to take on all of Troy Tulowitzki's $157.8m contract, as well as a package deal of:

24yr old - Hector Sanchez: A current Giants MLB Catcher.

22yr old - Edwin Escobar - LHP, Grade B+: Borderline B. Throws three quality pitches for strikes, dominated the California League and continued to perform well after moving up to Double-A. Future number three starter I think, relatively high floor but doesn’t have Crick’s physical ceiling. Edwin Escobar has been traded away.

Since Escobar was the center piece of this suggested trade, I have swapped in Clayton Blackburn.

22yr old - Clayton Blackburn - RHP, Grade B: His 2013 season was almost as good as his 2012 season. I know he doesn’t have the classic physical projection, but he knows how to pitch. Draws Joe Blanton comparisons due to his physique, could also be a command-oriented inning-eater like Jon Lieber or Brad Radke.

24yr old - Mac Williamson - OF, Grade B-: Impressive power but I want to see how his approach holds up against more advanced pitching.

23yr old - Derek Law- Grade C+: Insane numbers in A-ball including 45/1 K/BB in 26 innings in High-A. Not smoke and mirrors, has impressive power sinker and breaking ball, deceptive delivery, throttles right-handed hitters.

Prospects ranked by John Sickels, of Minor League Ball

This trade is no longer possible now that the trade deadline is over. Maybe after the season the Giants can explore a similar trade.

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