Disposable Winshield Wipes for 99 cents.

Ever wipe the outside of your windshield, only to realize that all that glare and fuzziness is from the grime on the inside of your windshield? All the convenience store/gas stations should sell a one-time-use, disposable, packaged window wipe with cleaning solution - all for only 99 cents!

by Joe Magee on November 10th, 2014, 10:25 am PST. This Ivia has been viewed 5,310 times.

The cloudy layer on the inside of your windshield produces glare that is not just a bother, it's downright dangerous.  And it is not easy to remove.  The paper towels that are in every gas station are often flimsy and fall apart.  

The Easy Wipe solves this problem.   This prepackaged single use wipe would be  3-4 mm thick and ~ 20 X 15 cm. in area for easy use.   It would be fairly sturdy and come pre-treated with window cleaner, or have a small inner pack of window cleaner or vinyl cleaner to break open prior to use.  The cost should be 99 cents if possible to encourage easy purchase and disposal.  It would be sold along with all the knick-knacks at the counter in every gas station/convenience store.

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Reed W. Solomon 9 years ago

I was wondering about the price, but I guess if you can get 100 moist towelettes for less than $7, this is workable