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ImproveVia's purpose is to improve anything by giving the pioneers of the world a tool to connect, create, and improve.

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"ImproveVia" (noun) - the site of genesis for “Ivia’s”, and the pioneers who make them.

"Ivia" (noun) - an idea and the means through which it is actualized.


Our company's objective is to facilitate people's ability to pioneer. By allowing our users to be pioneers, we raise products, people, processes, and basically everything imaginable to a higher standard. Constant improvement is the end goal. We believe that there is always a right answer; our way of thinking says that you just have to look for it.

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ImproveVia, LLC was established February 22nd, 2013

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ImproveVia, LLC · P.O. Box 191 · Cotati, CA 94931

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Christian P Hupfeld
Rohnert Park, California, United States
President & CEO at The IQ Group, Inc.
Sonoma State University

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