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ImproveVia is a platform to improve anything by giving people from all backgrounds a tool to pioneer, connect, contribute, and create. By allowing our users to be pioneers, we raise products, people, processes, and basically everything imaginable to a higher standard.

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The idea

Improvement all starts with a thought, it could come from a pondering moment, a critique of a current situation, or a collaborative discussion.

If ImproveVia is successful and being utilized by people all around the world, from different backgrounds and with diverse skills and knowledge, the possibility for positive impact to be brought to the world is awesome.

Anything in the world can be improved upon - that is the way of things, and everyone in the world has some means to contribute.

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Etiquette of the ImproveVia community

To help us keep the quality of ImproveVia’s community high, please observe the guidelines laid out on our Etiquette Ivia page, when creating Ivias, contributing to Ivias, and commenting.

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Terms of Use

This is the Terms of Use Ivia of ImproveVia. As with everything else on ImproveVia, this is a document/concept that we will continually work to improve upon. So, as always, we encourage your feedback and contributions.

Terms used on ImproveVia

“ImproveVia” Noun – the site of genesis for Ivias, and the pioneers who make them.

“Create” Verb – to make something new. This could be a new Ivia, or a small improvement on an existing product, technology, or system.

  • “Ivia” Noun - an idea and the means through which it is actualized.
  • “Sponsored Contest” Noun – contest held by a Co-operative Business and hosted on ImproveVia that allows users to develop solutions to problems and be compensated with a prize.

“Categories” Noun – the way in which Ivias are organized. Pioneers determine what category best suits each Ivia.

  • "Art" – an Ivia that improves and introduces art
  • "Athletics" – an Ivia that improves and introduces athletics
  • "Community" – an Ivia that improves the world immediately around you
  • "Products" – an Ivia that improves the things you want to be able to have
  • "Food" - an Ivia that improves the way we eat
  • "Fun" – an Ivia that improves enjoyable moments and activities
  • "Government" – an Ivia that improves the way society functions
  • "Home" – an Ivia that improves the capabilities and functions of the home
  • "Science" – an Ivia that improves the understanding of the world
  • "Social" – an Ivia that improves the way we interact with others
  • "Technology" – an Ivia that improves things that push societies forward
  • "ImproveVia" – an Ivia that improves the way our website functions for the users

“Account” Noun – the place where adjustments can be made to settings regarding privacy, preferences, and subscription status.

  • “Pioneer” Noun – a person who creates new Ivias, or improves other pioneers’ Ivias, through the use of ImproveVia.
  • “Professional Pioneer” Noun – a person who utilizes the subscription services of ImproveVia to create, improve, and share Ivias even more efficiently.
  • “Co-operative Business” Noun – a business who participates in the improvement and evolution of their products and services, and of the world, through ImproveVia.

“Profile”Noun – an individual pioneer’s profile. Includes professional information about the pioneer, including name and photo, occupation and education, and other useful facts .

“Works” Noun – the work the pioneer has created on ImproveVia, in the form of Ivias, and Contribution.

"Contribution” Noun, Verb – to contribute to an Ivia, give feedback on an Ivia, or to another person’s contribution. A contribution can provide an opinion, offer factual input, or add humor to the discussion about an Ivia.

  • “Productive” Adjective – a productive comment helps move an Ivia forward, forms the basis for a new idea, or is otherwise helpful and illuminating. A comment is deemed productive by the votes of other users.
  • “Humorous” Adjective – a humorous comment adds cleverness and levity to the discussion about an Ivia. Some comments do not directly contribute to moving an Ivia forward, but still provide value through humor.
  • “Flag/Spam” Adjective, Noun – a button that is used to rid ImproveVia of a comment, profile, or Ivia that may be intended to advertise a product, service, solution, or opinion in a manner that is not relevant to the Ivia nor the accompanying discussion.

“Interests” Noun – a compilation of Ivias, pioneers, and businesses that is curated by a pioneer, consisting of the items that best represent the user.

“Social Network” Noun – the other pioneers and users of ImproveVia who are associated with a given pioneer.

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