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ImproveVia is a platform for people from all backgrounds to collaborate together and share Ideas. With its straightforward and intuitive design, ImproveVia will give you, the user, the ability to change or improve anything you see fit for the better.

On our homepage you will see all the most interesting, relevant, and new ideas which have been voted on by our users. We found that there is no proper word for the process of an idea being actualized, so we coined the term Ivia, short for “idea via”. The word "Via" means through the means of. An Ivia is the combination of the idea, and the means through which it is made.When you register and sign in, you gain the ability to create Ivias, contribute your thoughts to others' Ivias, and construct a professional profile.

Make Something Big

We've all had moments where we thought we can do something better than how it's currently being done.We grumble at news articles, roll our eyes at policies, smirk at lame ads, and maybe yell at the television, just a little.

Here is where you can take action. Using our Create Ivia tool, you can spread your idea and encourage feedback to improve upon it, so you can plan and implement it how you want. Right now, you may not have a groundbreaking idea. Those are rare, and if you have one, go ahead and post it straight away. You don't need to be revolutionary to improve something, though- the vast majority of improvements come along the margins.

Take the Wright brothers as an example. Everyone in the early aviation world knew that airplanes would need wings, propulsion, and steering. The idea that got them off the ground, however, was their understanding of side-to-side tilt, or roll. Wilbur Wright realized through his experience with bicycles that tilting into a turn can be a good thing, and they decided to utilize a control system that tilted the aircraft to turn it. In the world of engineering, this sort of thinking is normal. But in our everyday lives there are all kinds of things that can be made better.

..Or A Small Tweak

I typed this on my laptop, a sporty Acer Aspire. As I was moving my cursor around to make corrections I noticed an absurd design flaw - the built-in touch pad doesn't have the right and left-click buttons separated. I scratched my head, and then made a little chart:

Indeed, it looks just as dumb as it did at first blush. It would be fixed by adding separate right and left-click buttons adjacent to the touchpad. And so obvious! My knowledge of computer hardware ends at motherboard, but I can find a way to make mine better.

Get Help!

There's an old saying that says ideas are cheap, and what really counts is taking one and implementing it. But even if you lack the means, a great idea still counts for something - and many people are great at starting with a seed and growing it. ImproveVia is a community for just that.

I can't build a better laptop part myself. But through the internet, I can find people who can, and we can build an Ivia together.

I could describe the way I want to improve the button, and someone from Acer could see and implement it. I could collaborate with hardware users/designers and make a prototype. I could just throw my idea out there, and wait for some enterprising tinkerer to run with it. I could even post a basic Ivia, and then use info from the comments and discussion to make improvements to it myself.

Start Improving

Use ImproveVia however you like. Build a foundation- create an Ivia and improve something. Explore others' creations- click around the website and look at Ivias that intrigue you. You can search by category, scroll through the top Ivias of the day, or scan the Interest page of another user. Join the discussion! Chances are, you will stumble upon something you can add, move, correct, or improve. Simply leave a contribution below an Ivia to let your voice be heard.

This is as good a time as any to leave your mark.

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