The Chiefs should ask Patrick Willis for a Superbowl comeback

The Kansas City Chiefs are very close to competing for a Superbowl ring, but recently they have lost their middle linebacker Derrick Johnson. Johnson was the captain and the anchor of the Chiefs defense, they will struggle without him. What if Patrick Willis could come in and fill that void.

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What else could a incredibly competitive individual want then one last shot on their own terms. The Kansas City Chiefs could offer Patrick Willis just that, a chance to reach the one goal that has slipped through his fingers. The Chiefs have Alex Smith an old teammate who could reach out to him, they have a 3-4 defense much like the 49ers had when Willis was on the team, and they have a players coach who can reach out and welcome all kinds of personalities.

Understandably it may takes a few weeks for him to become truly ready for an NFL caliber defense, but there is some time still, and the chiefs have to talent to carry him through it. It is important to note that Patrick Willis has maintained his healthiness and workout routine which is evident from his social media accounts. for instance  - @thewhinkersmind 


His Instagram shows that he has made a lot of time for going to the gym, his fitness shouldn't be a question. For an NFL player the greatest concern is his health in terms of not only his ability to preform on the field, but his quality of life after he has left the game. When players discuss the difficulties of health during an NFL season its seldom the big injury of a season that is the main concern, whereas the lingering aches and pains are often what really harm the ability to preform.Being away from the game for the last two years should of helped in terms of healing lingering ailments.

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